Safety First
Amazing Tots has had over 25 years with no injuries other than
normal bumps or bruises.  Safety is of utmost importance when caring
for your child.  
We have


I am CPR and First Aid Certified

We conduct monthly fire drills and educate the
children on fire safety.  
Tornado drills are conducted monthly during
the months of April-Sept.  Drills for both
tornado and fire are recorded and posted on
my wall for parent's viewing.
We have a large privacy fenced with a separate fenced play yard for the children (a
fence within a fence).  Our play yard has pea gravel, recommended by K.D.H.E.
because it helps break falls.  Pea gravel consists of small, smooth, rounded stones that
are an excellent surface for playground usage. It does not get hot in the summer, and
provides great drainage after rains.  We are usually able to go outside to play within
minutes of a heavy rain, to provide your child with quality outside time.  The kids love
filling their buckets with it too!  See our pictures (assessable from home page) of our
play yard.

Although our family pets aren't in the daycare area, we do have FRIENDLY PETS
(dogs, cats, birds).  

Children are monitored at all times.

Because I am a LICENSED DAY CARE PROVIDER, we are inspected by
the State and Fire Marshall.  
safe home daycare