Anyone who's been around me for very long will tell you I'm passionate about
children.   I love each teachable moment, every giggle and every hug.  There is
nothing more rewarding to me than to know I'm making a difference in the lives
of children.  I truly believe that I didn't chose childcare, but that it was chosen for
me.  This is what I was
meant to do on this earth.

I don't believe in plopping a child in front of a TV.  Children are learning their
world and the world around them.  I consider it an honor, and an obligation, to
help teach and nurture them into becoming strong, independent and well adjusted
human beings.  

When looking for daycare, most parents would agree, they want their child to feel
loved and valued.  They want to know their child is in safe hands.  They don't want
their child in front of a TV all day, but be involved in constructive and educational
activities.  That's what I wanted for my own children, and what I strive to do for
you and yours.

As a former 'working mom' myself, I was frequently frustrated with some of the
same issues that you may have faced.   When I opened my own daycare in 1989, I
wanted to fashion it with all I felt my child and I didn't have with child care.  You
should be able to feel you are leaving your child without worry.

No one can ever replace you in your child's life.  I am here for you and for your
child when you can't be.  I will treat your child with sincere love and dignity and  
will help guide, nurture, and teach them as they grow. I strive to be the best child
care provider I can be, and always try to find ways to improve.  I welcome open
communication with parents.  If there is something you'd like your child to learn
while in my care, I'd like to hear it.

I provide a Safe, Healthy, and Loving Day Care Home that supports the physical,
social, intellectual and emotional needs of your child. I believe children need to be
allowed to be curious about the world around them within safe boundaries.  They
also need to feel loved and valued.

Children are never left unsupervised, and I don't let the TV 'babysit' your child.  
In fact, your child (unless school age during younger children's naptimes) will not
be watching ANY television while in my care.  Instead,   children are encouraged
to participate in constructive activities.

I believe children have a great potential for learning, but are too often not given
the opportunity.  I offer a lot of learning opportunities, without overwhelming the
children, and still give them time to play and just be kids; therefore, we have a
semi-structured schedule, with both learning time and time to just be a kid!
Amazing Tots Home Child Day Care in Wichita KS
Child Care
serving Wichita and Surrounding Areas since 1990

Home Daycare, Child Care with
Preschool Curriculum

Age Groups: 18 months -
I am a very energetic person who has a deep love for children and for teaching.  
I'm the mother of two grown children.  While I have ran home day care for over
20 years, I started 'babysitting' at an early age and have been around children my
entire life.

I have some home school experience, as I taught my own daughter preschool and
kindergarten and my son Jr. High.   I am a former pediatrics dental assistant (12
yrs) and nursing student.  I am also CPR and First Aid trained (which I keep
current).  I have taken advantage of many training programs including the
VIRTUS safe environment program, S.T.E.P.S. and LOVE AND LOGIC.  I also
take several hours of nutrition, safety, and child development classes per year.  
Of course, the classes I have had in the past, or will have in the future,  will not
effect my time away from your child.  I take all my classes in the evenings or on
weekends, so I can continue to provide very reliable care to your child.  

I would love to help teach and love YOUR child
When I leave this world, I want to go knowing I made the life better
in the life of a child(ren)... Donna Meuli