We have preschool classes Monday-Thursday mornings in the Spring and Fall.   Summer
mornings are spent outside, as much as possible

This is an EXAMPLE of our schedule.  Potty breaks are not scheduled in, as bladders
can't tell time.  We do have potty breaks every few hours, and diapers are changed

Scheduling is subject to change
depending on the children I have in child care.
For example, for older children, we may do PEOPLE of HISTORY rather than a COMMUNITY
HELPER, or learn to TELL TIME rather than work on a number.  Our schedule changes to
the children enrolled

Because of short attention spans, times may vary.  If the children become restless, we allow for
more free time or outside play (weather permitting), then come back to our planned activities and

Monthly:  Virtue of the Month and definition to memorize (moral characteristics that makes us
good citizens and have good values.  Examples: respect, responsibility


                                          Breakfast 7:00 (starts)- 7:30 (stops)  
Children (other than children under 18 mo old,
need to be fed breakfast if not arriving in time for breakfast)

Clean up time, potty breaks and outside time (summer months)

Outside time from 8:00- to at least 9:00  (summer months)

9:00-10:00 Learning Time

This time may be spent on  worksheets, arts and crafts, special projects, interactive
songs, finger plays and center time. We may also work on community helpers, science
experiments, health and/or educational learning tubs. We may also learn through educational
games usually designed or chosen for
our theme, number, letter or shape for that week. Depending on learning levels, some
children may be working on vowel sounds and/or learning to read.  

10:00-11:00 Outdoor Play (weather permitting)

During bad weather, we use this time for other physical activity that may include tunnels,
indoor trampoline, tents and/or ball pit

Free Play  until lunch is served

Lunch: sometime between 11:00-11:30

Rest Time

Snacks : 2:30

Free Play Afternoons

NOTE:  Children are encourage, but not forced,  to participate in the above
activities.   If one or two children tire of any of the above, I'll try a substitute.  
Sometimes, especially younger children, want to play independently.
If the children, as a group, tire of any of the above, we'll move on to the next
activity or have a short break of free play.
Kids learning about the
"olden days"
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