*18 months or older +
= $135 per week

*Under 18 months old
=$150 per week

Extended hours (more than 9
.5 hrs per day)= $5 per hour or any
portion thereof

All children must be picked up by 5 pm

I do NOT take school aged children or infants under 12 months of

I do NOT transport

All children must have required paperwork prior to starting.

Parents supply:
Diapers and wipes (if needed)
Change of clothing
Blanket for naps

I supply everything else including
all supplies needed for activities & learning
Meals (if on the food program, and excluding any specialty foods
or drink )
Sippy cups
Safe, educational toys
Lots of TLC
serving Wichita and Surrounding Areas since 1990

Home Daycare, Child Care with
Preschool Curriculum